Thank you so much for hosting a group! Below are the videos and leader guides for each week. Click here if you would like to download the full leader guide. We’re so excited for all the lives that are going to be changed through these sessions!


Prayer is an important part of our faith and discipline as believers but the reality is that many of us know little about prayer. Even more alarming is that many strong believers struggle with the discipline of prayer. This week we will uncover 4 reasons why believers don’t pray more and we’ll teach you simple ways turn that statistic around.


Your prayer life can be revolutionized by simply changing the way you approach prayer. Have you ever given up before you got your answer? Learning to be persistent and listening to God when you pray will change your life!


A more effective way to pray is to ask God to answer your specific request. Farmers don’t generally plant random seeds and hope to grow a crop of beans. Instead, they must specifically plant bean seeds. Asking God for specific requests will bring specific, powerful results


Have you ever thought “God why is this prayer being unanswered?” God cares for us and wants only the very best for us. Sometimes horizontal matters (like our relationships with others) or vertical matters like our relationship with God affect the outcome of our prayers. Regardless of our desired outcome, God wants to hear from us. We matter to him.