Rescue Phase

Help is needed all around our community, and the number one priority in our city is the RESCUE PHASE. Currently assisting those in need is accomplished best by those on the ground who are trained emergency responders. Hope City is currently recruiting volunteers and raising the much-needed funds to help once the water recedes and relief efforts begin.

Relief Phase

The Rescue phase will give way to the RELIEF PHASE in the next few days, and the need will be massive.

  • We are enlisting volunteers and building teams that can be mobilized as soon as relief efforts are approved to begin and the immediacy of the rising water has subsided.
  • We have connected with relief organizations like Convoy of Hope, Samaritans Purse, and others who specialize in logistics and prioritizing activities. We will be assisting them with volunteer teams wherever they are needed along with providing housing for relief workers and providing them additional support.
  • Our teams, and those from other churches that have contacted Hope City, will be prepared to mobilize in the weeks ahead with supply distribution and community clean up efforts.
  • We have committed the rest of 2017 Hope City’s Missions funds to help with relief efforts. We have also received generous gifts from many churches and individuals all across the nation. We will use 100% of these donations to help those in need. You can give online by clicking the link below, or text to give, by texting with word FLOOD followed by the amount to 844-515-2555.

Our relief efforts will be a marathon. As time goes on, the immediate impulse of those wanting to help will evaporate. The waters will subside, the news teams will leave, but the intense need will continue for weeks, even months!

Hope City is committed to the City of Houston and the surrounding communities for as long as it takes.


Prayer should always be our #1 priority… today and every day.

  • Pray for Health: Flood waters carry toxins, e coli, debris, and hidden hazards in murky waters. Toilets in many areas will not flush for days, bringing additional health concerns.
  • Pray for Provision: Food & water purchased pre-storm will begin to run out and stores may not be open for many days. Many have lost everything. Others will be prevented from going to their jobs for a significant span of time.
  • Pray for Restoration: Many have lost their homes and are in staying in shelters, hotels or with families and friends. Pray for quick and full restoration, and let’s believe that those impacted by this storm will come back stronger and more blessed than ever before.

Texans are tough! We are fiercely independent. I believe that Houston will rise to the challenge and be more united than ever before. This is our time to rally together as the body of Christ, united in one purpose to express in a very tangible way the uncompromised, unwavering love of Jesus to our city and this nation. Will you join us?